Pioneered by NASA scientists conducting research into how humans could sustain life; the Ecosphere was the first closed ecosystem in the world. As a self-contained community the shrimp survive for many years if they are maintained with the correct light and warmth. They have provided happiness to many people for over 30 years. To learn more please read the History page.

Unique Gifts

Our miniature ecosystems make fantastic and unusual gifts for many occasions, birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, retirement or just as an elegant gift for the home. The beautiful glass spheres and pods are individually blown and the contents of each one are unique.


Our ecosystems are also an incredibly enlightening and visually stimulating educational piece, perfect for school science lessons or as academy training aids. They would make fantastic Educational gifts and specifically with children in mind we have a ‘diy’ Shrimp World Kit.


The Ecosphere makes a fantastic feature on any desk and our larger display units are perfect for reception areas and entrance halls. They provide a tranquil environment in spas, surgeries, hotels and offices. We are able to offer significant discounts on bulk purchases for corporate gifting. Our glass spheres and pods can also be engraved and personalised, please Contact Us for further information.

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To learn more about minature ecosystems we recommend visiting our History page.