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Are you searching for the best and most unique gift ideas for your spouse, child, relative or close friend? If so then this article is for you!

In a year, there are a lot of opportunities where we can give someone a special gift. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, wedding anniversary or any other special event

For some great and truly unique gift ideas, why not consider purchasing a miniature Ecosystem.

Extraordinary small glass Ecosystems

These Small Glass Ecospheres were originally pioneered by NASA scientists to support the US space programme. As a result of this specialist research into creating an enclosed and self sustainable Ecosystem, the Ecosphere was born and represents the first closed form Ecosystem in the world, capable of supporting life!

An Ecosphere is not only a unique gift, but also an elegant one, which looks amazing in the beautiful sphere or pod shaped glass. These unusual gifts definitely deliver the wow factor. They require only minimal care and maintenance, as they are designed to be self sustaining and even the shrimps contained in the glass sphere do not need to be fed! Your only responsibility is to make sure that the sphere is positioned near a source of artificial or natural light, but not in direct sunlight.

Personalised gifts for your special ones

Why not consider engraving the sphere with your own personal message for a truly unique idea. An engraving option is available at an additional cost. However, since this work process is extremely delicate it has to be done with special attention and care. Therefore, personalised gifts can take about 7 days longer to be delivered, so don’t leave it to the last minute.

Range of shapes and sizes available

Ecospheres are available in a range of different shapes and sizes for you to choose from. These are quite simply, one of the Best Unique Gift Ideas available, at an affordable cost. They look absolutely gorgeous and offer an elegant, low maintenance addition to your home. And don’t forget the personalisation service which can make it even more special and beautiful.

So, if you have a special event occurring shortly and you are thinking hard about what to buy for your loved one, then an Ecosphere offers the perfect solution.

A miniature Ecosystem can be an unusual yet fantastic gift for any occasion and won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

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Understanding How Ecospheres Work

An EcoSphere is a trademark name for a sealed, blown-glass, miniature biosphere.

A natural Ecosystem demonstrates the delicate nature of our home earth environment and utilises its own resources, without contaminating or over populating its environment.

An Ecosphere is a man made equivalent which replicates all of the elements found in a natural Ecosystem and has an average life expectancy of around 3 years, although many have survived for seven to ten years.

How Ecospheres Work?

Inside every EcoSphere there are active micro-organisms, algae and bright red shrimp, each existing in filtered sea water. Since EcoSpheres are a self-sustaining Ecosystem there is no need to feed the life within.

These miniature Ecosystems are virtually maintenance free! All that is required is that they are positioned in an area of indirect natural light, as a way of enjoying this beautiful and unique blend of art, science and beauty.

Because all living resources contained in the EcoSphere can utilise their own resources without contaminating or overpopulating their environment, it often needs no cleaning and only minimal care.

These miniature Ecosystems represent a tiny working Earth model. It contains similar essential elements, which are found on our planet – air, life, water and include micro organisms, algae, shrimp, gorgonia (a non-living branch like material) and gravel. Life functions in these EcoSpheres just the same as it does on Earth.

How does this happen?

The shrimp produce carbon dioxide which is required by the algae. Natural light is needed by the algae to produce oxygen that is responsible for maintaining the life inside the EcoSphere.

When darkness comes, the bacteria and shrimp start to consume the oxygen made during the day when there was light. The EcoSphere can die with too many animals and plants, since they would run out of adequate oxygen at night.

The shrimp are contained in filtered sea water and the gorgonia and gravel provide a hiding place for the micro organisms, as well as a place where the shrimp can eat them.

This highly balanced cycle continues for 24/7 in the EcoSphere, for as long as there is life.

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