How To Care For A Self Sustaining Ecosphere

This is as important for us as it is for you. We want you to enjoy your Ecosphere for the longest time possible. The following ‘dos and don’ts’ will help you achieve longevity.

Our self sustaining Ecospheres are all true Biospheres and need little support, however just as with our planet we need to tread carefully regarding bio-products and pollution.

Remember your self sustaining Ecosphere has everything it needs to survive

When you receive your self sustaining Ecosphere

  • On receipt your Ecosphere may appear a little cloudy, do not worry it will settle and clear within a day or two.
  • The shrimp may seem slow or still, particularly in the winter – just like us they slow down when they are cold. When the temperature is low we put a heat pack in the parcel to keep the shrimps as comfortable as possible. If they are a little cold on arrival, do not heat up the sphere, just allow it to reach room temperature and within 24 hours the shrimp will be active.
  • Check the algae (green growth) it should be minimal and appear as thin strands of hair on arrival and this is how it needs to be maintained.
  • Keep the sphere out of direct sunlight, this will heat the water and the shrimp  (think about being in the car in the summer with no climate control) and be uncomfortable for them.
  • Place the Ecosphere in normal reading light – this can be from natural lights or lamps. To charge the system will take 4 – 12 hours per day. Any more than this will cause the algae to grow and damage the PH levels causing the shrimp to die.
  • Keep your Biosphere at normal room temperature between 15° and 25° – lower than this will cause the shrimp difficulty and higher will cause overgrowth of algae.
  • Remember if you go on holiday the shrimp will not need a ‘pet sitter’ but will need to be kept in the same conditions as always to survive – particularly important in the winter when you might otherwise turn off your heating.
  • Over time micro-organisms will naturally bloom on the inside of the sphere and you may find small grey circles on the glass , approximately the size of a 5p piece. This is nothing to worry about but to keep the glass clear you will find on your instruction booklet a small magnet which can be attached to the base of the sphere. It will then attach to a magnet on the inside of the ecosphere and can be used in a circular motion to clear the glass. The micro-organisms will drop to the bottom of the glass and the shrimp will eat these – this will mean the shrimp will remain at the bottom of the glass for the next few days.

We recommend viewing our FAQ page for further Ecosphere care information.