About Us

Thank you for checking us out! Ecospheres have been sold in the UK for over 10 years; although they are manufactured in Germany. We are very fortunate to hold the sole UK and Irish distribution rights for Ecospheres so all stock sold in the UK originates with us.

Ecosphere UK Specialist

We are an Ecosphere UK specialist, based in Cambridgeshire. We have taken over Ecospheres UK in November 2017 and have been working hard to streamline and improve how Ecospheres customers receive their ecospheres.

The European manufacturer is a family run business in Germany whom we work closely with, and also can develop and commission bespoke versions of the Ecosphere on our behalf. We are continually learning about the wonderful science, and product design of these ecospheres.

Ecospheres UK has worked closely with the BBC to have the product featured on the Royal Institute Science Lectures and have a number of corporate clients with bespoke display pieces.

We are so intrigued that something so unique as the ecosphere pioneered by NASA is mostly unheard of. Our goal is to make sure that everyone knows the beauty and science within an Ecosphere and make that attainable for everyone.

To learn more about our miniature ecosystems please visit our What Is an Ecosphere? page.