When choosing an Ecosphere, you should think about the following things:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Stone colour

What shape do you like the best? We have ecosphere’s available in two different shapes. The sphere or the pod (some call it egg shaped too).

Once you decide on the best shape, we recommend you choose the size. Our Spheres come in small, medium, large and extra large. Our pods come in two different sizes, small and large. Also, knowing how many shrimp you would like can help you determine which size is best for you as well. The larger the ecosphere, the increasing number of shrimp.

Now, after you have chosen the right shape and size, we recommend you choose which colour stones you would like. There are 3 basic colours of stones to choose from. You can choose between white, black and blue stones.

We are always happy to help discuss the available options with you and if you find you simply can’t choose, we are here to help. You can always contact us via email, or phone and we can help you choose the best ecosphere for you.

It is possible to have additional shrimp added to the Ecospheres depending on size and qty. The customization of the ecosphere would be manufactured to order and have a lead time of approximately 2 weeks. Please Contact Us for further information.

Round Ecospheres

Ecosphere (Round) Diameter Number of Shrimps Price Stone Colour
Small Sphere 10cm 2-4 £99.00 Blue, White, Black
Medium Sphere 13cm 6-10 £199.00 Blue, White, Black
Large Sphere 16cm 12-15 £299.00 Blue, White, Black
Extra Large Sphere 23cm 30-35 £499.00 Blue, White, Black

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Ecospheres Pods

Ecosphere (Pod) Height Number of Shrimps Price Stone Colour
Small Pod 13cm 2-4 £99.00 Blue, White, Black
Large Pod 19cm 6-10 £199.00 Blue, White, Black

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