Important Ecosphere Delivery Information

Placing an order

PLEASE NOTE * We are currently out of stock and we do not have a fixed date for when any ecosphere’s will be back in stock.  Due to the current global Covid-19 pandemic, our manufacturer is having trouble with some suppliers and until their production can be up and running again, we cannot confirm when delivery will be scheduled for any current order placed until further notice.  We apologize for the delay and hope to get things back to normal soon.

You can buy an Ecosphere today by Clicking Here to browse our wide selection of miniature ecosystsems for sale. Our Ecosphere’s are shipped out every Tuesday.  We  also offer the facility to pre-order any product with shipping in the UK.

Before Delivery

An Ecosphere is a delicate and perfectly balanced mini ecosystem. As such, it needs to be cared for correctly so that it provides the maximum enjoyment from the outset.

We pride ourselves on delivering our Ecospheres very quickly, (using Royal Mail special delivery next day service guaranteed before 1pm) if the item is in stock. If for any reason, you or the intended recipient is unable to take delivery this quickly, please contact a member of our team so that we can arrange a more suitable delivery day for you. This will ensure that the your product isn’t delayed unnecessarily, which can put extra stress on the shrimps.  If a delivery is missed we cannot guarantee there will be a warranty on the ecosphere.  We are more than happy to schedule deliveries for a date that suits our customers.  If you have delivery instructions, we do include those on our parcels but we cannot guarantee the Royal Mail will follow these instructions as this is a special delivery tracked and signed for service.

Upon Delivery

As soon as the Ecosphere is delivered, the parcel will need to be opened immediately to give the shrimps some much needed light and warmth. If it is intended as a surprise gift, please ask the recipient in advance to refrain from shaking the box.

Each Ecosphere is presented with a special instructions booklet. This is very important information which will act as a guide for the ongoing care of your mini ecosystem. It needs to be read thoroughly as it will help to locate the best position to keep the Ecosphere within its new environment. The booklet will also answer the most common questions and will advise on the changes that the ecosystem will undertake over its lifetime.

The white magnet attached to the instruction booklet must be retained as it is used to clean the inside of the sphere.

After Delivery

Once the instruction booklet has been read (and it is a relatively quick read), you should feel confident as to where to position your new purchase. If you are still unsure please Contact Us with a picture of your Ecosphere in its new home and we will advise as to whether it is positioned correctly.

For further information please visit our Guarantee and Care pages.