“What are Ecosystems for kids?”

What is Shrimp World?

Shrimp World is a self contained and self sustaining semi-enclosed ecosystem. The Shrimp World kit includes marine shrimp, algae, micro-organisms and BioSticks.

The little shrimps can live two to three years or longer inside Shrimp World. Assembly of Shrimp World is easy with this amazing kit and 0.5 litres of bottled water.

The kit can even be transported on a plane because it has less than 100ml of liquid and contains no harmful bacteria.

So, why not get started with your Shrimp World today.


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You will need 0.5 litres of bottled or purified drinking water.

Step 1: Wash your hands. Pour the Aquatic Mix into the 0.5 litre water bottle then shake for 2 minutes until all the Aquatic Mix is dissolved. Allow it to stand to reach room temperature so that you do not shock the shrimp. You may not need to use all of the mixed water, so please discard any unused water.

Step 2: Empty the bag with the gravel into the Shrimp World container and also place the BioSticks into the container.

Step 3: Pour about 2.5cm of the mixed water into the Shrimp World container.

Step 4: Carefully open and pour the contents of the shrimp transport bottle into the supplied container.

Step 5: Carefully pour just enough of the 0.5 litre Aquatic Mix water to the level marked on the container.

Step 6: Place the lid on Shrimp World and put it in a suitable environment. There is plenty of air inside Shrimp World for the shrimps.

Shrimp World Information

These little shrimps can live for years inside Shrimp World. On average you may expect over 2 years of life, but some have been known to live a good deal longer.
Shrimp World requires no feeding. Everything the shrimp requires is already inside Shrimp World in the form of algae and bacteria.

Remember, do not feed the shrimp or you may upset the delicate eco balance of Shrimp World. In the Shrimp World kit there are BioSticks which act as filters for the shrimp waste. They are made with thousands of tiny holes for bacteria and break down waste into usable nutrients.

Shrimp World has been designed for easy assembly at home or even at the office. All you need to add is 0.5 litres of bottled drinking water. The rest is included inside the Shrimp World kit!

Shrimp World contains no harmful bacteria and is safe for children 10 years and older to assemble. However, always provide adult supervision when assembling and handling Shrimp World.

Where to put your Shrimp World

Normal room temperatures are ideal for these tiny ecosystems. Do not put near a window or allow direct sunlight to shine on your Shrimp World. Shrimp World is not like a plant which needs more light. If after a few weeks you notice algae growth, you will need to move Shrimp World to a darker location.

What do the shrimp eat?

There is no need to feed the shrimp. The shrimp are experts and know how to feed on the tiny organisms inside the ecosystem.

What to expect over time.

Over time you can expect to see some changes in the algae and green or brown spots inside the Shrimp World container. This is completely normal: it is what the shrimp feed on.


You can if necessary clean the inside of the Shrimp World container by using a clean pair of chopsticks.