Unusual Gifts

BrowseSpheresIt’s good to be different and with an Ecosphere you will have a truly unusual and ‘different’ gift. Perfect for the family member or friend who is difficult to buy for and seems to have everything. The ecosphere is many things to many people – elegant, relaxing, scientific, quirky, fun ….. what will your ecosphere be.

Forget boring gifts, whether for the man or woman in your life – the Ecosphere is perfect. The Small Sphere in either white or black stones is a beautiful self-contained ecosystem that will provide a beautiful and stunning addition to the home or office. Containing live marine shrimp, and hand cut coral along with the elements needed for life (air, water, living organisms) there are no two ecospheres the same. The whole system is encased in hand blown glass and sealed. Needing only the correct environment and amounts of light to survive the ecosphere is the perfect pet which needs no additional care.

BrowsePodsSmall ecospheres are also available in the Pod Style which stands at 13cm high and comes in either black or white stones just as the round sphere shape.

Larger ecospheres are a stunning and unusual gift for the home and contain a greater number of shrimps. The Medium Sphere and large pod contain 8-10 shrimp and make an unusual centrepiece or ornament for the living room or dining room. For a real conversation piece the spheres come in large (16cm) and extra large (23cm) sizes and are truly captivating.

Don’t forget the children – shrimpworld are the perfect unusual gift for kids. Priced at £29.99 they are the ‘starter set’ for younger members of the family . The kit once assembled provides an open tank where the shrimp can live happily for many years. Just like the enclosed ecosystems, Shrimpworld do not require any additional care or feeding, they live happily feeding on the microorganisms produced by the light.

If you want to deliver a truly surprising and unusual gift then look no further than Ecospheres.