Each Ecosphere is a self- contained Ecosystem within hand blown glass.

They are all unique to one another.

Inside each Ecosphere are:

  • Small marine shrimp

  • Filtered sea water

  • Algae and micro-organisms


The system is completely sealed and does not need anything else (apart from the right environment) to survive.

The function of each ecosphere is like a battery. The energy gained through the light is stored and biochemically transformed. In order for the algae to produce oxygen, it needs light and carbon dioxide which is the process of photosynthesis. The shrimp breathe the oxygen produced by the algae and eat some of the algae and bacteria within the system. The bacteria is also essential to the ecosystem, as it transforms the waste produced inside the ecosystem into reusable nutrients for the algae and shrimp. To close the circle of life and interdependence in the Ecosphere, the shrimp and bacteria both create carbon dioxide which is again needed by the algae to start the circle with photosynthesis. Through this distribution of labour the Ecosphere achieves a balance of nature in its most simplistic form.

As each and every ecosphere is a self-sustaining ecosystem, the living organisms will utilize the natural resources to thrive and will not overpopulate or contaminate their environment. Because of the nature of the ecosphere it does not require essentially any maintenance. Scientifically, each ecosphere demonstrates the delicate nature of our earth environment.

The only care the sphere requires is a source of indirect natural or artificial light. The gorgonia, gravel and glass provide the ecosystem a place for the micro-organisms to flourish that help feed and sustain the life cycle that allow the ecosphere to function.

Ecospheres have an average life expectancy of 2-3 years however it is not uncommon for them to survive for 7 to 10 years. We have even been fortunate enough to hear from customers wishing to replace a 14 year old sphere!

Self Contained Ecosystems

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The ecosystem science and technology developed by scientists and NASA has brought us today the natural beauty of animal and plant life in a harmonious balance in each of our ecospheres.

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